January 5, 2014

World War One Aircraft - The Vintage Aviator

Old Rhinebeck's Nieuport
Just within the last couple of years I have taken greater interest in the aircraft of World War One - The Great War.  A visit to Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome was one spark that lit the fire.  If you have not visited Old Rhinebeck it is a MUST SEE for any aviation enthusiast!  Another spark was my wife giving me the book Ghosts of the Great War by Phillip Makanna.  It is a spectacular photographic book on the subject.

In recent years the aircraft rolling out of the shop at The Vintage Aviator in New Zealand will keep Great War aircraft flying for years to come.  They build and rebuild aircraft for their own collection and for other museums/collectors all over the world.  Hats off to Peter Jackson (famous director of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit) for spending his money through The Vintage Aviator to rebuild and build those airplanes. They even building some of the engines from scratch!  Visit their awesome web site for an in depth look at their aircraft projects.

My uncle sent me an email this week with a link to an airshow put on by The Vintage Aviator.  The photographs are high quality and put you right in the action amongst these rare ships.  Take a look at these amazing aircraft on display.  Follow the link below.


To further research World War One aircraft we recommend the WW1 Aero journal - http://ww1aeroinc.org/

Links - Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome - Ghosts of the Great War - The Vintage Aviator

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