May 20, 2012

Hangar Time

It is May in Texas so I have switched from afternoons and evenings at the hangar for the cool mornings.  I spent two Saturday mornings chasing the smell of mouse in my airplane... again.  Not fun.  All cleaned out and some air freshener sprayed.  I am in the process of finding another way to keep the mice from crawling up the tailwheel.  A metal wall should be hard to scale!  When completed I will post more pictures.

Several vintage airplanes graced the blue skies while I was working on the 170 this morning.  A beautiful Cessna 195 and a really nice Waco UPF.  Ah... I love the sound of radials in the morning!  I was able to snap a couple of nice shots on their departure.

Let the summer flying season begin!


Anonymous said...

I've "heard" that placing mothballs around, especially near the plane, may help with mouse control. I personally have not tried it.

Dan Linn said...

Yes, I have used mothballs in the past but they don't smell good to us humans so I have tried a couple different options.

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