March 11, 2009

Three Lockheeds

Les Whittlesey (owner of NC18906) sent me a few pictures from the Casa Grande Antique Fly-In out in AZ from this past weekend. Three restored Lockheed 12s were on the ramp. NC14999 has returned to the U.S. after having spent a few years in New Zealand. NC2072 is now wearing its originally restored colors after wearing movie paint for its role as Amelia Earharts Lockheed. Then NC18906 is the award winning polished and red ship. These three have not yet attended a show together so it made for quite a site!


GeronimoDriver said...

I would have loved to see and *hear* those Lockheeds. I really enjoyed the pictures you posted on Picasa, thanks for sharing.


Dan Linn said...

Glad you liked the pics. As you may be able to tell I love the vintage ships!

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