July 1, 2008

Where do you park Mars?

From my friend Kelly...

I had a trip up into BC today with the Tailwind. At Tailwind speeds no place is out of the way so I thought I'd fly past Sproat Lake to see if the Mars firebombers were at home. One is evidently in California working and the other was actually out of the water for maintenance. That is some serious beaching gear for that size of a seaplane; remember that is not an amphib.

After reviewing this picture I had several thoughts that go like this:

1. If you paint lines on you pegboard for your hammer, shouldn't you put it there?
2. Maybe this explains why the #3 engine is missing.
3. They even have the extra prop on the wrong side of the airplane!!!
4. You think that is bad; look over by the hangar and you'll see that they have lost everything aft of the Captain and First Officer's command posts. Another poor flight engineer out of a job!

And lastly...
5. If this thing is supposed to be so darn big, explain to me why the fuel drums behind the airplane look so big!!!!

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