One Reason

I really like the simplicity of flying vintage airplanes. Now it is nice to live in the Information Age and enjoy the technology we have but some things in life should be simple. I like flying simple airplanes. My 170 is pretty basic. There is a portable GPS mounted on my panel but there is no "glass cockpit" new fangled avionics in my machine. Above is a picture of just one of the projects I helped tackle at work this week. Removal of an overhead panel in a Challenger 604 simulator to install some maps lights. Yes... all that for some fancy lights! (note the cockpit layout drawing so that I know how to put it back together!) Wow... I am glad I only do this for work! (I laughed when my sister noted that we should have just duct taped up a flashlight to the overhead panel!) Adding new batteries to my GPS is about the extent of the avionics work I have had to do on my machine! So this is one reason I will stick to flying simple flying machines like the 170.


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