Flying to the Edge

It was a great evening to pull the 170 out and do some flying. Light North winds and about 80 deg. As I pulled the 170 out of the hangar a friend of mine yelled HELLO from a Cub coming in for a landing. Grassroots flying at its best when you can say HELLO to a friend on the ground from a flying Cub! Other than the Cub there was no one else out flying. I had the airport all to myself.
I took off and flew North of Denton. I stayed low so that I could see if the hangars were open at the different grass strips I was flying over. No one home at most of the strips until I found the doors open at Edgington Ranch. As I flew over an RV8 and a Bird Dog were landing. Five airplanes were on the lawn in front of the hangar so that made for a great picture. After visiting for a few minutes I launched off to enjoy the perfect flying weather. Took a few more pictures of the scenery as I made my way back to the home airport. One shot is from short final to Flying S in Justin where we will have our AAA meeting this Saturday. Again... it was perfect evening for flying.


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